Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Will Be Back!

I have been gone from my blog far too long my friends. I didn't intend to take such a long break, but with the long hot summer that we had, I really didn't do any exciting cooking at all. Just quick, boring stuff came from my kitchen in that awful heat. However, the most important reason why I've been missing is that my daughter is getting married this Friday and we are so busy with all the last minute stuff that accompanies a wedding! My 2 sons have both married, but having a daughter get hitched is a whole lot different. So many more details.
I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be back real soon, as soon as I rest up from this wedding. I'm stressed; after all my Baby is getting married!
Thank you to all of you who have continued to stop by and even left comments. My husband and I will be empty nesters after Friday, so we'll see how the cooking changes. Can't wait to try some new fall dishes!  Love ya!