Monday, June 28, 2010

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Obviously, this is not an exotic recipe that I have to share. And this isn't a perfect photo either. This is just an any day meal, that I make quite often when I grill on the week end. Normally, I grill leg quarters for the Pulled Chicken. Dark meat is more moist and is best for this dish. But this time I had a whole chicken that I either needed to cook, or put in the freezer. The grill was ready to go.
So I cut up the chicken into 4 pieces. I had grilled burgers and hot dogs last Saturday and still had lots of life left in the coals, so I put this chicken on the grill and closed the lid. About 35 minutes later, I had some beautiful grilled chicken, perfect for these flavorful sandwiches. I hate to waste any fire that's left, so I like to cook this chicken for the next meal. You could leave the chicken whole if desired, but it will take longer to cook. These grilled, Pulled Chicken Sandwiches are delicious and smokey and are particularly tasty topped with BBQ sauce, or slaw, pickles and onion, or grilled pineapple! Give them a try! PULLED CHICKEN SANDWICHES
from Lynda's Recipe Box
About 4 1/2 pounds leg quarters, or a whole chicken cut into quarters
salt and pepper
spices- I used chili powder, ground cumin and garlic powder (or you may use a purchased rub)
toppings of choice-onion, pickles, BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple, etc.,etc.
Set up grill with a cool spot on one side of grill. I sprinkle the chicken on all sides with salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin and garlic. Or you may use a purchased rub for this. Place chicken over a hot fire and add soaked wood chips, if desired. Close lid and cook until browned and then turn chicken over. Take care not to burn it. When browned, move the chicken to the cool side off of the coals and close lid to finish cooking. Cooking time will depend on the size of the chicken pieces and the heat of the fire. Chicken is done when the meat is pierced and the juices run clear. These pieces took 35-40 minutes.
Remove the chicken to a pan. When cool enough to handle, pull the meat off the bones, pulling into shreds. Serve on buns with toppings of choice. This is just a simple, delicious meal that doesn't require much thought on my part. some days, that is very helpful!
NOTE: Pulled Chicken is not as moist as Pulled Pork, so I dilute a bit of barbecue sauce with water, and drizzle it over the chicken and give it a toss. This keeps the chicken moist, especially when reheated. Cover well and refrigerate. Then rewarm for the next meal.


  1. This is one tasty & appetizing looking sandwich!

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM,...a fab sandwich!!

  2. These are absolutely on my make soon list!

  3. It sounds great and looks delicious to me!

  4. Nom! I'm starving and your delicious sandwiches are not helping :) Great tip on the moisture too!

  5. exotic, it is not. appealing on every level, it is. chicken barbecue is most definitely a staple for me and mine! i'll have to try it topped with grilled pineapple--great idea. :)

  6. Oh, my. This looks just delicious! Perfect with either coleslaw or potato salad on the side. Or both for that matter. Yum.

  7. You are a smart lady, I just so happen to have a leftover chicken in my fridge and no dinner ideas, you have solved that. Thank you!

  8. The thing I love about pulled chicken is that it freezes very well and then can be used in a variety dishes during the week, from bbq to southwest dishes, for topping a salad, tossed in alfredo sauce, etc.


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