Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Burritos, and a Baby!

I bet I got your attention! No, it's not me who is having a baby, it's my lovely daughter-in-law and we are counting down the days! I realized that I haven't mentioned this wonderful fact yet on my blog, but time is running out and I'm getting soooo excited that I just can't contain myself!This is our first grandchild and I am getting nervous and excited and a little crazy with the idea that she only has 18 days till her due date! Time is fast slipping by and I need to cook and get some make ahead meals in the freezer for them, so I've been racking by brain and scanning all of your wonderful blogs for either freezer friendly food, or things that will be quick for her to make. My DIL will have to go back to work, but she will have about 10 weeks off, so that will be a great help. If you have any advice or freezer friendly food ideas, please let me know in the comments. PLEASE! Whew, I got that out of the way, but seriously, it's getting hard for me to concentrate. But, I do have a recipe for you, a very easy and delicious recipe! It is great for lunch or an easy dinner! These Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Burritos are very versatile, so that you can change around the ingredients according to what you have on hand, or your personal likes.
First, you will saute onion, poblano chili, fresh corn and garlic in a little oil until soft; then add in some diced chicken to brown, or you may use some leftover cooked chicken. When veggies are soft and chicken is done, add some chili powder and cumin to skillet along with a can of drained

black beans. Stir ingredients around until beans are heated through and spices are fragrant. It smells so good! Add some salt and pepper, and you can either add 1/2 cup of salsa to the skillet, or let everyone add their own salsa at the table. On a large 9-10 inch burrito size tortilla, (that have been softened in oven or microwave), place about 1/4 of this mixture. Top this with cheese, sour cream (yes!), salsa, and cilantro. Fold in sides of tortilla over filling and then roll up, enclosing the filling. Oh, are these ever good! Cut in half, if desired; this is enough for 4 large burritos!

1 tbs. olive oil
1/2 a large onion, diced
1 poblano pepper, seeded and diced
1 large clove garlic, minced
1 large, boneless, skinless chicken breast half, diced( or you may use leftover cooked chicken)
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 ear of corn with the kernels cut off, about 1 cup,( or use 1 c. of frozen corn)
1 1/2 tsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
salt and pepper to taste
4 burrito sized flour tortillas (large)
1/2 cup, or more of salsa
sour cream
shredded cheese
chopped cilantro, if desired
shredded lettuce, if desired
In a large skillet in 1 tbs. oil, saute the onion, corn and poblano pepper for 4-5 minutes until it begins to soften, then add the garlic and uncooked chicken and saute til chicken is done. If using precooked chicken, just add it with the drained black beans, chili powder, cumin and heat through. At this point, you may add the salsa to the skillet, if desired, or you may serve the salsa on the side. I've done it both ways and either way works great. Adding the salsa to the skillet just makes the filling more moist. But if you have someone that doesn't like salsa, you may leave it for the table. Warm the tortillas in the oven or microwave. On a burrito, place about 1/4 of the mixture in the center. Add toppings of choice, such as shredded cheese, sour cream, more salsa, cilantro, etc. Fold in each side of tortilla over the filling. Then roll up to enclose all the filling. Cut in half, if desired. These are so flavorful, but not too spicy. If you prefer more heat, use hot peppers in the filling or a hot salsa. These burritos are delicious served with chips and my Guacamole dip, or my Tex-Mex Rice! Enjoy!

I so enjoy your comments! I appreciate all of you who read my blog regularly and all of you just stopping by every so often. Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Lynda, I am so thrilled about the impending birth of your first grandchild. Positively exciting! Don't you just love to hold them and smell their sweetness. Nothing finer on this planet, I think.

    We are just beginning to venture into Mexican food a little more and we're liking it. Your recipe sounds soooo good, not a whole lot of spice, but a nice blend and compliment of ingredients. I really like this. We'll certainly give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing a delicious post.

  2. Congratulations! I hear grandkids are more fun than kids. The burritos sound easy and delicious.

  3. Congratulations for having your first grandchild :)

    The burritos look so yummy!

  4. This looks seriously yummy and I am going to make some of this up to bring for lunches when I am back to work full time (SOON!).

    Congrats on the grandbaby! I would be so excited to (however I am still willing to wait! lol)

  5. Congratulations on the baby! Wahoo! Always exciting :)

    This dish is my kind of meal! Looks absolutly delicious! I will be bookmarking it to make asap!

  6. They look absolutely delicious. About the grandchild - prepare to have your heart stolen. It - grandparenting - is a wonderful experience.

  7. aw, congrats! ironically, i often look like i'm with child when i make myself a burrito because i always make them much larger than i should… :)

  8. I love all of the flavors in your burritos...they sound fabulous!! And a big congratulations to you and your son & dil, so exciting!!!!

  9. Now this is my kind of burrito - love the flavors you used. Congrats on your new grandbaby, it's so exciting!

  10. Looks wonderful! I love the vibrant colours.
    Congrats on the soon to be here grandbaby!

  11. Congrats on your grandbaby! Burritos look great too, I like that this one includes corn - more veggies is always a good thing.

  12. Burritos look so good! Being a Grandma is the best thing EVER! My granddaughter will be 3 next month. She's the joy in my life. Congrats to you!

  13. Congrats on the grandbaby! One dish that freezes really well is King Ranch Chicken Casserole.

  14. Darn it! I just posted a comment on here and blogger has eaten it.

    Many congrats on your exciting news, Lynda. I shall have to have a think about freezer dishes, as it's hardly soup and stew weather right now. That pasta dish I posted last time freezes well.

    Your burritos look fab.

  15. If I don't get a chance to make this tomorrow or friday I will definitely make it next week. I pretty much have everything to make it besides the poblano pepper. I love the colors. Colors really attract me to food!

  16. I absolutely love this kind of food. I think I picked up a couple of new ideas here. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful pictures also.


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